Day 1. Jan 09, 2016

    • FRC Stronghold was announced today. We spent the majority of the time reading and reviewing the game manual.


    • We also looked at different strategies, and their merits.


    • We split the game into separate tasks, for example crossing defenses, scoring in high and low goals, and lifting. We rated each task in terms of its difficulty, point value, and the time required to achieve the task during the game. We then prioritized each task based on benefit vs opportunity cost.
    • We each presented potential designs by drawing or writing them on sticky notes. We then pasted the sticky notes on a wall and categorized them based on what they were meant to achieve.

Here are the decisions which turned out to be the most popular:

    • Drive: Pneumatic wheels, six-wheel drive, narrow width
    • Launcher: Catapult, pinball, 1 or two wheel flywheel
    • Lifting: Winch
    • Defenses: Wedge/Inverse Wedge


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