Day 12. Jan 20, 2016


Today’s progress:

We CADded the 6 wheel drivetrain, and looking at the gaps between the wheels are thinking about putting smaller wheels in between. This is kind of a hassle so are also making an 8 wheel drive as well.

6-10 wheel drive CAD

Our test drive (West Coast drive) has been mechanically built. Now its time to get it wired up and ready to run. Ignore the zip ties. we are going to be removing those… and making an actual belly pan. Maybe actually putting our mechanisms on that.

Test drive (Westcoast drive)

Side for the 8 wheel drive CAD has been finished. It still needs a lot of the finer things like gearbox, sprockets, spacing and other things like that but the outline is ready.

8 wheel drive CAD

8 wheel drive train side plate prototype (wood):

We quickly measured the CAD and drilled a couple of holes to match in a piece of ply. This let us put a couple of wheels in there to see how it rode.

8 wheel drive side plate prototype wood

Plate for the 2 wheel shooter prototype was created. Tomorrow we need to finish this and test the newer (more reliable) shooter prototype and pick our speeds and compression.

Plate for the 2 wheel shooter prototype

Cheval de Frise has been cut and is ready to go. Waiting on a couple of bolts from McM. after they come in we can put all of this together.

Cheval de frise

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