Day 14. Jan 22, 2016

Today, we finished prototyping the shooter, continued CADing the drive base, began programming basic functions for the robot, and assembled various components.

  • We experimented with the prototype shooter, varying the wheel size, compression, and gear ratio, recording the effects of each change on distance and consistency. Two CIM motors power our prototype, however the final design will use two 775 pro motors. With the CIM motors, our optimized variables were 7″ compression, 36-26 tooth ratio, and 4″ Colson wheels.

Video of finalized prototype:


Image of 775 motor:


  • Our 8-wheel drive is coming along quickly. We are working to make it compact in width, yet still able to smoothly climb the rock wall. Our alternative drive base is also making rapid progress. This concept uses 6 powered wheels, with 4 idle rollers in between in order to scale obstacles without bottoming out.

Image of 8-wheel drive base CAD:



  • The programming is going well. We are currently programming a drive base and shooter in Java.


  • We assembled a 3-CIM shifting gearbox that we may use on the drive base, depending on packaging constraints.

Image of 3-CIM Shifter:


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