Day 15. Jan 23, 2016

Today, we made progress on CAD, strategy, prototyping and programming.

  • In CAD, we finished the first iteration of all three major components on the robot, including the drivetrain, launcher, and intake. A large amount of work is still necessary in order to perfect the design.


Here is what we have so far (minus the intake)

Looks like most of it fits, and the height is only 12 inches right now. Will probably have to go up. No reason to keep it this low.

2016 Robot CAD

  • We discussed general strategy and tactics, basing the general layout of the robot on the decisions that we made and concepts that we discussed.


  • We continued work on the 2-wheel launcher prototype, switching the motors to 775 pros from CIMS.


  • We also discussed methods of elevating the robot at the end of the game, and began prototyping.



  • We continued researching programming, and preparing the program for the robot as well.
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