Day 27. Feb 4, 2016

Not a lot was done today as we had a decently bad turnout but we put the intake on the robot with just 2 2x1s of aluminum. This allowed us to see what the final dimensions and intake would look/act like.

We also planned for the following day expecting a lot of people as it is getting to crunch time.

The basic schedule for the next couple of meetings:

  1. Friday – final intake, shooter and drivetrain all together working
  2. Saturday – hanger prototypes done and tested, CAD finalized for final cutting of the practice and competition robot
  3.  Monday – plasma cut the final robot (2 copies)
  4. Monday after school – clean up plasma cut parts (both copies)
  5. Monday night – bend both copies of the robot
  6. Tuesday AM – give one copy to anodizing
  7. Tuesday start building the practice robot (non-anodized version)

Tomorrow we will finish building everything and make a plan for what to change in the final CAD iteration and the final robot version.

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