Day 29. Feb 6, 2016

Saturday, in plan this is the big CAD day to finish everything up but at first we decided to get all of the parts tested to see what was wrong and what we had to change on the robot. Today we had a lot of members show up and a lot got done.

Here is the list for CAD:

  1. Intake needs to move back as we don’t have a good handoff between the intake and the shooter.
  2. Intake also needs to be changed to fit between the 8 inch bumper rule from each corner.
  3. The shooter needs to be higher angle (a lot of testing was done today on the angle/trajectory of the shot and how it reacts to different angle/speed)
  4. Electronics are cramped so we need a good place for them in CAD and on real robot.
  5. Gearboxes could be moved down and we have a lot of space on outside of the wheels so we can shorten the robot.
  6. Bumpers need to be added as well as the supports.

Most of this was done but some of it will be done at home by some of the members. The parts will be cut after school Monday so there is time to check everything and get things finalized before then.

A lot of work was also done on the scaler. The idea we have been dilligently working on for the last 3-4 days had to be scrapped as it was not very well executed, did work well at all actually.

For the hanger the current prototype is a tape measure that will deposit a hook onto the bar which will winch us up as high as we need to go.

This will be easier as we have tested this and the big tape measure does not bend, takes up less space and will be very quick to go up to the climber bar. This should give us a lot more space to work with as well as this will be a much more compact system.

Our scouting group also created a sample template for scouting which will be iterated on to create the final scout sheet we will use at our regionals.


It is now week 5! Only 2 weeks left of build season and a lot to do!

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