Day 41. Feb 18, 2016

A lot of work was done on:

  1. Final robot intake (some parts were remade and the bracing is a lot better now)
  2. Drivetrain (all of the chain and wheels and sprockets are ready to put on, bearings are in the drive)
  3. Electronics (all of the electronics were neatly done and look/work amazing for now!)


The electronics are all done and are neat with Weidmuller connectors and andersons on everything. This helps with cleanliness of the wires.

Now just to put it on the final robot and organize/ziptie wires.


We did also get our aluminum wheels but most likely will not have time or weight (they are 2 times heavier) to use them. But hey fun offseason project to anodize them and put them on the robot!



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