Day 3. Jan 9, 2017

Sundays are our days off so its day 3 now.

Today was extremely productive. Here are some of the things we worked on:

  1. Prototype Drive Train
    1. Took last years prototype west coast and started adding back WCP VersaBlocks and Gearbox and wheels.
    2. For now it is a 6 wheel drive train and we want to try and change the orientation of the wheels (omni vs traction) to see what will work best, yet still give us the ability to not be pushed around.
  2. Shooter Prototype
    1. To see how the balls fly we decided to make a quick shooter prototype
    2. For now we are using pneumatic wheels (as we have a lot from last year and they grip well)
    3. We are hooking up some gearboxes that we found that we will use chain to get to the speed we want.
    4. The holes on the top are to get different positions of the wheels with respect to a hood (to be mounted)
  3. The CAD team created the prototype drivetrain in Solidworks to hone their skills and to make sure everything fits
  4. The electrical team did a fantastic job at getting the electronics quickly wired up and ready for the prototype drive train.
    1. Started installing all of the FRC Updates to format the RoboRIO and get the Talons assigned.
  5. Programming team wrote some simple code to control the 4 motor West Coast drive train.
    1. All FRC software updated to 2017, and plugins as well.
    2. Programming team started investigating changes in the 2017 version of the WPILib.



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