Day 4. Jan 10, 2017

One more day down!

Some of our students went to the Rockets game to demo our last years creation and shoot some baskets with it:

The others stayed at the lab and made some more progress on the prototypes.

  1. The programming team finished code yesterday for the prototype drive train.
    1. Spent most of the day trying to use the new FRC Radio Configuration utility
    2. In the end used the old one to configure the prototype electrical system.
      1. Still need to figure out why 2017 tool does not work (firmware?)
      2. Set the roboRIO to 1114 and the radio to the same
      3. Renamed the CANTalons to 1-4 for the drive train
  2. The drivetrain team finished building the drive train and attaching all of the wheels and sprokets to the proto drive.
    1. The current plan is to use 25 chain for the prototype but we did not find our 25 chain break so we will need to get one before tomorrow to continue and finish up chaining the drive.
  3.  The shooter team finished up the prototype and at the end of the meeting we even tested it using a drill
    1. The shooter prototype needs to now be chained to the motors that are attached at the bottom of the wood panels
      1. After this is done we can truly test the shooter with different speeds by changing the sprockets between the wheels and gearbox and also testing different wheels (currently Andymark Pneumatic wheels)
  4. The intake team started their prototype by creating a carcass on which to put pulleys with polycord. They will also add a backing to this, so that the ball will be between the polycord and the back wall (lexan)
    1. Tomorrow we will print the pulleys for the polycord and get the intake running with a drill to see if polycord is good enough to pick up the fuel.


  5. Last thing that we did was create a Gantt chart to keep track of our progress and whether we are on track. This contains our subteams as well as CAD and Electrical to make sure everyone has a schedule to follow and so that we can finish both our robots this season as we are only allowed to stay at the school until 7pm.
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