Day 5. Jan 11, 2017

Everybody was back to work today from the rockets demo so we got a full days worth of work in.

  1. The programming team got all of the code for the shooter and drivetrain finalized
    1. Had issues connecting to load the code to the rio
      1. Figured out the problem was in eclipse
      2. When you install JDK, JRE and Eclipse, eclipse make sure to change the default JDK to what it says in this image. The initial installation puts the JRE folder here instead. CODE WILL NOT DEPLOY if you do not do this.
      3. After doing this everything seemed to work fine. Now to load the code tomorrow and try driving.
  2. Electrical team worked mostly on helping the programming team
    1. 4 more talons were wired up
    2. The talons were renumbered to have drivetrain 1-4 and shooter 5-8
    3. The electronics were put on the prototype drivetrain
  3. Drive train prototype was completed and is waiting programming for testing
    1. 25 chain break was not available to since the 12tooth 35 sprockets came in those were installed instead
    2. Currently testing out 4 traction and 2 omni setup (with back and forward interchangeable)
  4. Shooter prototype team finished wiring and chaining the gearboxes
    1. Next step is to cut the wood to the right height (to be able to test the 2ft as well as the 3 ft versions)
    2. It will be put on the drivetrain to get connected to the same electronics
    3. The string was added to keep the hood from falling back for the shooter tests in hopes of keeping the compression the same.
  5. The gear intake/mechanism was prototyped today
    1. A passive gear holder was tested for basic ability to catch a gear sliding from 2ft.
    2. It seemed to work fine, now the next stage is to make one we can test with the deposit of the gear onto the spring
  6. The CAD team finished up the prototype shooter CAD
    1. They also started thinking about and got the basic dimensions of the real size drivetrain for this years game CADded up.
    2. They added bumpers as well
    3. Next step is to put the wheels and decide where we will put the gearboxes and such
    4. Before that though we need to sketch out the rest of the robot to see where we have space and where everything else will go
  7.  Finally, some of the chairmans team met to discuss ideas for the paper due Feb 9th
    1. Starting point is to get all of the information for the last 2 years of our existence
    2. This will be recorded and we will start getting ideas for paper topics from there
    3. Created an idea for the theme of the paper
    4. We also created a survey for the team members to fill out
      1. Quotes from this could be used in the paper
      2. This information can also be included in some way in the chairmans video
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