Day 6, Jan 12, 2017

Man build season is going by fast. Almost the end of week 1.


Progress has kind of slowed down but is we are still on track to finish prototypes by the end of the week and start testing them Saturday and improving on them next week.


  1. Programming team continued some of their struggles but got all of the hardware and software finally updated to the new 2017 images.
    1. Code had a problem deploying (Robots don’t quit)
    2. Did add code for the shooter and intake which will be eventually mounted on the drivetrain
  2. The drive team is on pause until programming can catch up.
    1. They helped the electronics team get the electronics on the chassis
    2. Made sure there is room for an intake as well as the shooter prototypes
  3. The electrical team non-permanently mounted the electronics on the chassis and wired everything
    1. Had a bad motor controller so had to change that out. Also one of the 40A ports on the PDP does not work.
  4. The Shooter prototype was changed
    1. Now it fits into 2 ft high configuration
    2. The wheels were also changed to 4in colsons to save space instead of the large pneumatic wheels
    3. The speed was increased by chaining it up.
    4. Testing to start tomorrow once the programming is ready
  5. The intake/feeder into the shooter prototype was finished and tested
    1. Seems that the polycord works well to collect the balls from the floor
    2. It does get stuck on the churro thats in the middle so that needs to go
    3. Also our lexan in the back is not supported and when we added compression it worked a lot better
    4. Adding grippy material to the lexan may also help
  6. The chairman’s team sent out surveys/questionnaires to the students, mentors and alumni to fill out
    1. Next step is to get all of the info and to get the responses and to create a bullet point list of a paper.
  7. The CAD team finished up the prototype robot CAD
    1. Version 2 of the drivetrain (one that will be in dimentions and a lot closer to reality) was started in CAD.
    2. A lot of math and thinking was done about placement of wheels gearboxes and other things that will eventually go on the frame (hopper, shooter, intake, hanger etc)
    3. So far the idea is to put the gearboxes where the shooter will be as this will be a good place to not interfere with the intake and the hopper (as we want to keep that as large as possible)
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