Day 7, Jan 13, 2017

Its Friday!

We finally got some good progress and movement from the robot!


  1. The programming team is finally on track
    1. They figured out the new system of importing and setting up the CANTalons
    2. Importing the from the ctre library instead of the WPI one.
    3. All Talons seem to work now and the prototype teams can now go ahead and tweak all of their designs
    4. Programming team will now focus on PID and Vision, since the basic code is almost fully written
  2. Prototype teams have combined the shooter and the drive train
    1. The drive train was tested and looked good.
    2. Shooter prototype was way too slow
    3. We are going to change the gearboxes on the shooter to one 775pro motor
      1. It will be geared down 3:1 via versaplanetary gearbox.
      2. Then we can play with chaining it to get a better shot and to not use the full full power for every shot.
      3. The goal is to get to around 6000 rpm at half speed for the motor.
      4. We do not know yet which direction we will face the shooter (most likely the other) but having it this way will help us line up to the boiler right now
      5. The wiring looks messy but this will be cleaned up in the V1 of our drivetrain.
      6. We have 2 more iterations the next one being the correct dimensions of what we are planning, and we will tweak that one for the practice robot.
  3. The Passive Gear prototype team is working on making their prototype more rigid
    1. Tomorrow they will make it the correct height
    2. Tomorrow the mentors are going to build the field elements as the spring came in for the lifts
    3. Building the hopper, lifts, and human loading stations will help test the prototypes and practice with the final robot.
  4. Hanging prototype was started today.
    1. We are using a 150:1 reduction on a bag motor and for now a regular hex shaft and will try to lift 150lb tomorrow
    2. This will be mounted below the shooter. Or that is the plan.
  5. Overall most systems have been prototyped in some regard.
    1. Tomorrow will be a big test day for all first prototypes and some changing of the prototypes will be done as well.
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