Day 8, Jan 14, 2017

Saturday is a long day (well kind of 8am-3pm) for us so should be a productive one. And it was. A lot was done.


  1. Programming team is now ahead as they finished programming everything for the prototype robot
    1. Looked at and installed the NavX libraries into Java.
    2. Divided special tasks between the team to better cover all of our bases
    3. The 3 tasks that the team will focus on are:
      1. PID (shooter pid is going to be critical for a consistent shot, and drive pid)
      2. NavX robot orientation
      3. Vision tracking for our robot or turret
  2. Prototype teams had an extremely productive day today.
    1. The shooter prototype changed the gearboxes to a 775 pro with a versaplanetary reduction of 3:1
      1. Chained it back up 3:1 so basically its a 1:1 from a 775 pro
      2. We did this so that we can run at 50% power as running at 100 killed a 775 pro already
    2. The Drivetrain prototype is done and tested
      1. Drove around and it seemed to work just fine
    3. The intake prototype was chained to a motor
      1. We found through experimentation that actually a MiniCIM with a 1:1 ratio was a really good speed to get the balls up really quickly and effieciently off the floor into the hopper.
      2. This is what we are going to go with for the intake and will either go with the same for the feeder into the shooter or make it even faster for that.
    4. The Hanging prototype got a lot of work
      1. We attached a bag motor to a 150:1 veraplanetary gearbox
      2. Then it was further reduced 3 to 1
      3. This worked well and seemed to hold 150lbs but the gear reduction was poorly made so they slipped
      4. By the end of the meeting we fixed that and will test tuesday
      5. Another thing is that is was kind of slow
        1. We can not get rid of the 3 to 1 gear reduction so we need to get rid of one of the stages of the versaplanetary
        2. We need to get a pulley made for the shaft so we wind the rope on the pulley not the shaft
        3. We can safely make it 75-100:1 total reduction including the gear to pick up 150lbs.
    5. Finally the Passive gear prototype is complete with the right height from the ground
      1. Tested it with the built loading station and it seems to work well.
      2. There are a couple of things that need to be changed
        1. The top of the W shape container needs to be 20 inches wide and taller (currently 15 inches wide and less then 2 ft tall) in order to funnel the gear
  3. CAD team has got a lot of math done today
    1. V1 ofDriveTrain is CADded and we are now looking at the gearboxes and drive speeds.
      1. The field is flat so it is beneficial to go fast
      2. We did not find pre-made shifting gearboxes that would be a good speed and compactness for us so we decided to CAD and build our own
      3. We went through the math for the speeds and even used the gearbox calculator:
      4. From this we came up with a custom gearbox using the same CIM cluster gear as the 1114 gearbox to keep the CIMs close and compact
      5. Overall the speeds are 23 and 14 feet per second
    2. Camera mount was CADded and 3D printed
    3. The Intake now needs to be CADded for us to complete our V1 Robot CAD so we can give it off to build team by mid week to get a V1 drivetrain ready for Practice Saturday and Sunday.
  4. We finally managed to get all of the pieces cut for the field elements
    1. We are building 3 lifts, 1 hopper and 1 loading station.
    2. Loading station is almost done, next is to assemble the lifts and hopper
  5. Tomorrow we will be going to Strake HS to help with a rookie bootcamp.
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