Day 12, Jan 18, 2017

Almost a third of the way through build season! Time flies!

Busy day today, many different subsystems had a lot of progress!

  1. Programming team was working on the PID and encoder code to be able to use the versaplanetary encoder to get the rpm of the shooter.
    1. There seem to be some issues as it can set the speed but we are not getting any speed output on the smart dashboard.
      1. We are getting the error output to show a value when we run the shooter but the speeds do not seem to work
    2. None of the tutorials seemed to help so we are posting on CD and are going to see if someone has had this issue and can help.
  2. The drivetrain V1 is being built
    1. Side rails and the short front ones have been put together
    2. The carcass is close to being done.
    3. Next step is to secure everything with brackets.
  3. The shooter prototype was changed
    1. We put an integrated encoder in the gearbox to be able to read speed and connected it to the rio
    2. A hood was added so that we can control the distance vs height of our shot.
      1. This will be tested tomorrow if we can hopefully figure out the PID
      2. If not we will just try with a set power
    3. It was mounted on the drivebase with a spacer underneath so that the chain does not rub on the baseplate.
  4. The Intake got just a little bit of work done on it.
    1. The lexan was cut to be able to fit a 5 inch ball under it
    2. Now we need to add a second roller on the front where the lexan is
      1. This will help getting balls off the wall.
  5. Passive gear intake prototype is finished and tested to give good results
    1. It was widened at the top and on one side
    2. This let the gear go in without any issues on multiple consecutive tries
    3. Measurements were taken to put this into CAD and to start building the V1 of it to actually put on the drivetrain to test
  6. The hanger prototype was tested today at 2 different ratios
    1. The first ratio at 450:1 was extremely slow
    2. The second one at 150:1 was a lot better. As you can see in the video it was a lot faster and still strong enough to pick me up.
      1. Unfortunately it disconnected so we didn’t get to see how long it takes to get up to 3 ft (we are having the mechanism at about a foot off the ground
    3. According to the JVN calculator it should go 3 feet up in 8 seconds which I think is a little slow.
      1. Here is the speed for one Bag with a 150:1 gearbox
      2. Here is the calculation if we do it from the drivetrain
      3. CAD has already looked at both options and it is possible to get the 54 gear up to about 11 inches giving us only 3 ft of climb
  7. Some more field elements were built
    1. The Hopper was finished as well as another lift assembly
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