Day 13, Jan 19, 2017

2 days until the end of week 2!

Today progress was made as always in several subsystems.

  1. Programming team….
    1. Well the encoder now works and the fix was as simple as they get
    2. The wire that the encoder was connected with was nicked and we did not see it until closer inspection (which should have been yesterday)
    3. Well it works now to tune PID for the shooter and test tomorrow
  2. The DriveTrain team is working on assembling the V1
    1. The bellypan has been cut
    2. It is being riveted to the frame
    3. Next step is to add the wheel assemblies
  3. Electrical Team worked on getting the batteries wired
    1. We did not end up having the right bolts with lock nuts
    2. We will either use 10s with lock nuts that we have or get the right ones and do that later, we have enough batteries for now
    3. Tomorrow the electronics are going to go on the hopefully finished V1 drivetrain
  4. The CAD team was probably the busiest
    1. CAD has to get pretty much the entire version 1 of the robot done by this weekend
    2. The intake was started today
      1. We got the general geometry from prototype
      2. Adding a roller on the front for pickup from the wall
      3. The lexan needs to move to the inside so that we get the right compression on the ball
    3. The prototype shooter examined for ideas on how to CAD the V1
      1. Tomorrow we will CAD it and attach to the drive train
    4. Gearboxes were mated to the drive with 3inch blocks
      1. If we want to hang using the drive boxes this will give us a 1ft height for the hanger mechanism
      2. It also gives us a little bit more room for the electronics on the base
  5. The Hanger prototype is going to be changed a little bit
    1. Started adding a second bag motor to try and get that 4 second lift with a 63:1 gear ratio
    2. Currently putting a second bag on the other side.
  6. The Passive gearmechanism is on hold
    1. Dimensions were given to CAD to put into assembly and see how it fits
    2. After CAD is done we will cut the new version out of lexan and see how that works
  7. Finally the CNC was upgraded
    1. I am going to get the software running and try and make one of the gearbox plates on here.
    2. It should be easier as the system is now stiffer
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