Day 14, Jan 20, 2017

Its Friday!


  1. Programming team figured out the PID
    1. It turns out the speed was being set as positive but the encoder was reading a negative speed
    2. After changing this (setting the encoder to reversed) the PID worked great
    3. The second motor is being added and will be tested tomorrow morning.
    4. The Vision code was researched and have a sample program to get the boiler using RoboRealm
    5. Now to mate this code with the java project using network tables
  2. The Shooter team worked on getting another gearbox added
    1. The motor was not screwed into the plate that holds it so that needs to be redone
    2. After this we will test and see if the speed up is better and how many bpm we can get to
  3. The passive gear team tested the prototype significantly
    1. It seemed to work well and the lift could get the gear out
      1. Yea… we had to put that sign on there as we have such a small room, this sits outside
    2. The bottom is being changed to accommodate the intake so that we can test with both together
  4. The intake team is changing 2 things
    1. The shaft collars (~50 of them) are getting changed for spacers
    2. The curved wood on the side to 2x4s
    3. This will help even the intake and put it on the robot to test
  5. Hanging team added the second gearbox
    1. The gearbox seems to be meshing incorrectly so it does not move
    2. Both gearboxes (with the outside gearing) are now 63 to 1, so we should be going up 48 inches in about 4 seconds.
    3. Tomorrow we will rebuild/check it out and test the hanger
  6. CAD team got a lot done
    1. Started on the shooter V1
    2. Seems to look and fit nicely.
    3. Now to fine tune the small stuff like the roller placement to get the correct hand off from shooter intake to the wheels
    4. Start CADding the turret
    5. The Intake was put onto the drivetrain
      1. It is still a little short but will we will change that tomorrow
      2. We also need to see how much room is left for the balls and see how many we can fit into that space
    6. The passive gear intake
      1. Started.
      2. Need to add the holes for the shaft that this will be pivoting on
      3. This will determine the placement and the angle by how much we can turn the gear intake at the beginning of the match and still stay within dimensions
  7. We are mostly on schedule. The drivetrain needs to be done tomorrow so that we are fully on schedule
    1. The gearbox plates were plasma cut today
    2. They will be put together tomorrow to be put on the drivetrain
    3. Here is what our schedule looks like in a gantt chart format and where we are
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