Day 15, Jan 21, 2017

Week 2 over, one month to end of build.


  1. Programming team spend most of the day tuning PID on the proto shooter
    1. They seemed to be able to get the PID tuned and are working on increasing rate of fire
    2. We need a working feeder (to the shooter for that
    3. After that is added we can see the consistency and the bpm
  2. The DriveTrain team got the V1 drivetrain chained
    1. From a mechanical perspective the drive train is complete
    2. Chain is attached on the inside
    3. Gearboxes need to be finished and attached onto the drivetrain
    4. We had some issues as the plasmacut holes did not match for some reason so we had to widen it
    5. It also took us a while to make the 3/8 hex shaft round on the end as we dont have a lathe
    6. But here is the shifting gearbox (we have a 23 ft/s high and a 13 ft/s low gears)
  3.  Intake side plates were redone
    1. The plates are now 2x4s and we are using a pulley to power the intake
    2. We just need to connect the polycord and get a backing installed
    3. This will go on the metal drivetrain when done
  4. The shooter V1 is on its way.
    1. It is almost ready
    2. Needs to have the other 775 pro attached
      1. Actually the gearboxes need to be changed to 1:1
      2. This way we have an overall 1:1 as the pulleys are the same
    3. Powered with pulleys from WCP
  5. The hanging prototype was changed to match the calculation
    1. It needed to grip the rope better (a roll of rubber tubing was added onto the shaft and secured with screws)
    2. The motor attachments were strengthened
    3. We like this version so we will go with making a V1 or a version out of metal now.
  6. The CAD team was able to get a lot done and get the entire robot somewhat together
    1. The only missing thing is the gear intake
    2. The intake needs to have a lip for the balls to fall into the hopper
    3. The hopper needs to have the cutout for the shooter and needs to be wider all the way to the edges of the drivetrain
    4. Right now the gearboxes for the drive (which could also be the hanger) have the hanger shaft going though the shooter intake
    5. Looks like the shooter intake rollers will need to be on the outside next to the bumper so that we can integrate the shaft for hanging into that shooter support
  7.  We finally made the hopper release mechanism and filled the hopper with 50 balls to see what it looks like
    1. This will be used to practice getting the balls in autonomous
    2. Theoretically we should be able to hold 75 balls in the robot hopper
    3. But if you consider packing and other factors we should be close to around 50.
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