Day 17, Jan 23, 2017

Week 3 is well under way!

  1. Programming team worked on integrating the NavX code into the prototype drivetrain
    1. They were close to getting it to show values on smart dashboard
    2. But…. We had to leave
  2. Intake was assembled
    1. Now to attach the polycord and put it on the robot
    2. The standoffs make it crooked so we will have to redo those
  3. Shooter front was finished
    1. The wheels and motors are attached
    2. Now to make the back part with the rollers for the shooter intake
    3. Also add a lexan sheet on these 2x1s as a backing for the shooter intake.
    4. The 3:1 reduction also needs to be taken out as we had sped it up with the chain before but now its a 1:1 with the pulleys
  4.  The Drivetrain team worked on the gearboxes
    1. One was assembled and the other started
    2. It should be easy to copy the finished one tomorrow
    3. The plasma cutter did not do a great job at making the holes so we have to redo some
    4. Trying to set up our CNC so that we can cut the gearboxes on that.
  5. One prototype of a turret was started on the side
    1. We are going to see if we can build one (a couple of students)
    2. This will help aiming and shooting in autonomous
    3. Still low priority as it will be added to the V1 robot only if it is done and works off board
  6. The CAD team worked on packaging and shooter
    1. The intake rollers flipped sides and 2x1s added at the back.
    2. This will let us integrate the hanging mechanism on those 2x1s.
    3. The gearboxes need to move back by an inch so that the hanging shaft lines up with the center of the 2×1
    4. This will help if we decide to hang from the drivetrain
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