Day 18, Jan 24, 2017

We are closer to meeting our goal of having a V1 robot done before Saturday.

  1. Programming team got the NavX to work
    1. We were able to see angular position of our robot on the smart dashboard.
    2. This will help us align to objects on the field
  2. Electronics team got all of the electronics on the V1 robot
    1. All electronics placed on the V1 robot
    2. Now to securely attach them
  3. The Dirvetrain team put together both of the gearboxes and mounted them to the drive train
    1. Now to chain them to the drive
    2. Also need to attach the pneumatics for the shifting gearboxes
  4.  The intake was finished
    1. The front part was made
    2. Lexan still needs to be attached
    3. The polycord was put on the back part of the intake.
    4. Tomorrow it will be attached to V1 drivetrain
  5. Shooter team
    1. Made progress on the back side of the shooter
    2. This is where the feeding in to the shooter will be
    3. Tomorrow should be able to get it together
  6. CAD team did a lot of tweaking
    1. CAD team did a lot of tweaking of the gearboxes to make the potential hanging mechanism fit into the shooter 2x1s
    2. The intake errors were fixed
    3. The shooter rollers added and worked on
  7. Turret prototype got a little bit of work
  8. Another idea is to use the drive to power the lift
    1. The idea is to use a dog gear shifter like we have in the gearbox for the hang
    2. This can be done using a coupler (to connect both sides of drive together) at the end of the dog shaft.
    3. When the hang is activated we will shift into the gear and winch ourselves up.
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