Day 19, Jan 25, 2017

Almost there! Two more days and a couple of things to have V1 ready!

  1. Programming team
    1. Not much progress was made as the electronics for the subsystems was being transferred to the V1 drivetrain
    2. NavX shows values, vision is almost ready only to figure out Network Tables
    3. New roboRIO is on the V1 so the re-imaging process and loading code was started
  2. Drivetrain sub team had to change placement of the gearboxes
    1. We found that there is not enough room for the shooter intake (it didnt match the CAD)
    2. The reason was that our gearboxes were too far into the drive
    3. They were moved to make more room by cutting a slot in the 3×4 and putting them over the back 2×1, as well as moving them as close to the chain sideways as possible.
  3. The electronics sub team was very productive today
    1. The talons were all connected via CAN
    2. New roboRio was put on the robot and everything connected
    3. The components were secured to the baseplate
    4. Turn on test was done and everything seemed to pass
    5. Next step is to mount the on switch on the 2×1 of the shooter (once that is installed)
  4. The Shooter team
    1. Put the lexan backing on the shooter
    2. Made the back plate with the intake rollers
    3. Now to mount that onto the baseplate and make sure we can intake the balls and shoot them
  5. The passive gear intake V1 is made out of lexan and sheet aluminum
    1. It is laid out and now just needs to be assembled
    2. Bearing holes need to be added to the metal pieces so we can put it on the intake shaft
    3. This will be the first test of it on the actual robot
  6. The Intake team
    1. Finished making the front plate with a lip to funnel balls into hopper
    2. Right now its aluminum but we need to get it out of lexan eventually
    3. The back plate is done so tomorrow we will mount it on the robot
  7. CNC is alive!
    1. Finally the CNC is back to life
    2. Now that we know the right settings only took the first try!
    3. Tomorrow we will start making the gearboxes on that.
  8. Turret prototype got a little work done on it
    1. The motor is attached
    2. The baseplate on which to attach the giant sprocket to turn the turret is made
    3. Our priority right now is to get the robot running and then we will focus more on the turret
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