Day 20, Jan 26, 2017

1 day left to practice and we are extremely close

  1. Programming team tested code to control most subsystems
    1. Intake works
    2. Drivetrain works
    3. Shooter works but the reduction was taken out so we need to change the speed and PID (too slow now)
    4. Last thing to check is the shooter intake once that is mounted
  2. The intake team
    1. Put the intake on the robot and tested it.
    2. There needs to be a little bit more compression/polycord needs to be tighter
    3. Other than that it looks good
  3. The Shooter team mounted front shooter rails to the drive
    1. The back 2x1s are already made now just to get the rollers on
    2. Waiting for the polycord pulleys to get printed overnight and put them on
    3. Once that is done we will connect a motor and test that with the shooter together
  4. Passive gear intake is almost done
    1. It already looks like a carcass
    2. Now to mount the back and drill bearing holes
  5. The field elements are transported to our friends in Pearland
    1. We will be practicing there and testing our robot this weekend.
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