Day 21, Jan 27, 2017

Almost there! Still some things to finish up though.

  1. Programming team figured out the PID
    1. They changed the speed to account for the reduction stage being taken out
    2. We had an issue of popping breakers as well though
      1. Going to see what to do about that
  2. The drivetrain team chained the drive
    1. The gearboxes were chained.
    2. They are very loose so we need to tighten them
    3. Other than that just plumbing the shifter is all that’s left
  3. The shooter team was able to put the back 2x1s together
    1. The pulleys printed overnight
    2. The back is assembled but the motor is out of dimensions
    3. For now we are going to leave it but that is going to have to change
  4. I finally got a chance to mess with the CNC
    1. Universal G-Code sender keeps crashing
    2. Easel seemed to work ok but it for some reason stops in the middle after what i guess is some lines of code….
    3. Still trying to figure out (didnt have much time so need to do it tomorrow)
  5. The passive gear intake is together
    1. It now needs to be attached to the front of the robot
      1. Meaning the bearing holes need to be drilled
    2. Inside there are stoppers which don’t let the gear fall through
      1. These need to be adjusted lower so that the top slot of the gear is at 13″
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