Day 22, Jan 28, 2017

Today we did not get a chance to go to Pearland to practice, but we are going tomorrow.

  1. Programming team worked on PID and Vision
    1. The breakers seem to be fine now
    2. The PID is somewhat tuned to the point where we can test and tweak more tomorrow
    3. Vision code is integrated and was tested.
      1. For some reason we are getting a black screeen on the roboRealm window when running it from the camera on the roboRIO
      2. Tomorrow we will debug
  2. Drivetrain worked on the floor for the balls
    1. The floor will just be a lexan plate over the electronics
    2. This was cut out and just needs to be attached with l brackets to the shooter back 2×1
  3. Shooter and Intake subsystems worked on putting -the shooter on the robot and making a ramp for the balls
    1. The shooter eventually was lifted higher as it was only at 19 inches high instead of 24.
    2. Little brackets were added to make sure the intake and shooter dont separate when a ball goes inbetween.
    3. The intake is now at the right height to let go of the ball right as it gets to the shooter
      1. It was too high before
  4. CAD team worked on the shooter, and hopper
    1. The shooter was misaligned so that was fixed
    2. The compression was fixed
    3. The hopper or “Fuel Tank” was edited to be max dimensions to the edge of the frame
  5. The passive gear intake team tried putting it on the robot
    1. They found several issues like that it was too wide
    2. Also after drilling the bearing holes too close to the bend that they can not fit the adapter
    3. They took it apart and marked where they need to change it for them to fix it.
  6. The CNC is ALIVE!
    1. The problem was the computer it would turn off the USB even though the “USB sleep” option was set to off.
    2. I used my laptop and the cut ran fine.
    3. The new rail in the upgrade kit makes the cuts a lot nicer and not oval now (we had that problem last year)
    4. The bearing holes are now perfect press fit!
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