Day 23, Jan 29, 2017

Today we went to Pearland to practice driving and autonomous. Thanks to FRC 5414 Pearadox!

  1. For the first couple of hours we were working on making a hopper and hood for our shooter.
    1. After this was done we had about 2 hours left
    2. The drivetrain chain was way too loose so we had to take a half link off on each side.
  2. When testing the shooter we found that even if the motors are going the same direction and are both controlled by PID they are fighting each other as the friction is different.
    1. This is where our issue of breaking the 775s is coming from most likely
  3. The intake and shooter intake seemed to work well (speed wise)
    1. The first problem was the fact that the polycord is too spersely distributed and we need to add more.
    2. The second is that it is too loose and there is no grip tape on the back so it slips on the lexan
    3. The back of the shooter intake needs to have a roller to get the ball from the hopper.
  4. Autonomous testing started with using NavX
    1. We were able to turn the robot 90
    2. We were also able to make the robot drive straight for a certain distance
    3. Now the goal will be to integrate that to make sure the robot is driving using speed as well as going straight and create commands to use in autonomous.
  5. Vision programming is at somewhat of a standstill
    1. Apparently RoboRealm does not support the Microsoft camera
    2. We are going to use the Microsoft for driver help and just to see on the driver station
    3. We are going to use an Axis camera with Grip, OpenCV or RoboRealm for vision processing to line up with the goals.
  6. Last but certainly not least
    1. We went to a Bar-b-q place after a long but productive day!
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