Day 24, Jan 30, 2017

Well this is technically tomorrow but I am still posting as if it was today.

  1. Programming team worked on vision
    1. We borrowed an axis camera from our friends Discobots
    2. Grip was able to see it via router and the filters seemed to work.
    3. Now to test this in the actual Java program
    4. We will try turning to align with the target for now.
  2. The build team fixed several issues that we had at Pearland
    1. Polycord was tightened (on intake and shooter)
    2. Hood started getting fixed for the shooter (still needs work)
  3. Electronics team worked on the final layout
    1. It was created in CAD
    2. Looks like we need to add 2 more talons and compressor with solenoids
  4. Gear intake tested on robot
    1. The intake works well
    2. We were able to retain about 90 percent of the gears from the chute
      1. The only gears that did not fall in were the extreme errors by the human player.
      2. We are working on fixing that
  5. CAD team worked on compression
    1. Shooter intake and intake compressions were worked on
    2. Shooter was made smaller (will be shooting 1 at a time)
    3. This freed up space in the hopper
  6. Turret tested with a 1:1 miniCIM
    1. So… we tested the same wheel (just one instead of 4 colsons) with a minicim
    2. This worked really well
    3. I think we have several problems of our shooter
      1. The wheel system is heavy
      2. The motor needs more torque (minicim would work)
    4. We are going to swap our 775 on our regular shooter and test to see how it does.
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