Day 25, Jan 31, 2017

We had about 4 students show up so not much progress was made but we did get some.

  1. The intake was put back on the robot
    1. The polycord is still really tight
    2. It will be interesting to see if it will pop off when we run it
    3. That is the next step.
  2. The Hanger V2 is being made
    1. One gearbox was mounted
    2. Now to mount gearbox 2 and the shaft inbetween
    3. We just got in the 1 inch hex (with 1/2 inch hex inside) for our roller
  3. Passive Hanger was worked on
    1. Since the intake was off the team cut the front plate to fit the passive mechanism
    2. Now its time to make cutouts for the rivets and mount it back
  4. 4 gearbox plates were cut.
    1. The CNC was not level so some of the holes look kind of bad but they still work and are better than the plasma.
    2. The next run will be tomorrow and we are going to add 0.02 to the thickness and start higher so that the leveling does not make a difference.
  5. CAD
    1. Started on getting the V2 of the robot made
    2. The sheetmetal intake and shooter were started
    3. The robot assembly V2 also started with the intake
      1. The sheetmetal parts give us easier mounting
      2. Also give us thinner parts so we can use more space for the hopper
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