Day 26, Feb 1, 2017

January always flies by with build season. 21 days left of build season!

Today we had a little progress and some regress

  1. Programming team changed PID for the MiniCIM
    1. PID seems to be very stable
  2. Shooter was tested with MiniCIM
    1. The shot seemed to be way too low
    2. This may be due to several reasons
      1. Our 4 colsons are really heavy
      2. The shooter hood is not extremely sturdy and does not provide correct compression
    3. We will be changing the shooter to 2 instead of 4 wheels and testing
  3. Shooter was upgraded on V1
    1. Roller to get the balls into shooter intake added
    2. Need to get polycord and connect to the shooter intake.
    3. This will get the balls from the hopper to the shooter.
      1. It worked well so far with a drill
    4. We will also get a better hood/in-take system so that it can have a more consistent shot
  4. Gearbox plates cut on CNC
    1. The only thing left is to bend them
    2. We are going to go to our friends Spectrum tomorrow or the day after to bend the GB plates.
  5. The Hanging team is almost done with V1
    1. Gearboxes with bag motors mounted to the 2x1s
    2. Gears installed
      1. We are actually going to be going 48:36 as well because of hole meshing
      2. This will get us a 3.1s climb
    3. The only thing left is to add the gears and the central shaft with the roller.
  6. The intake was mounted
    1. Intake was cut out to fit the Gear intake
    2. It was mounted again and tested
    3. We have to little compression right now and not enough grip on the metal
      1. Need to add grip tape to the back.
    4. The lexan and sheet are both slippery for the ball
  7. CAD team got a lot done
    1. The final version of our robot (with sheetmetal) is on its way
    2. We are planning to have it ready by end of week to cut friday
    3. The intake/gear system is pretty much finished (above)
    4. The only thing left is to make sure everything has the correct attachments and holes.
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