Day 27, Feb 2, 2017

Our shooter compression is messed up so that was fixed today and tested

  1. The shooter team took the shooter off
    1. We tried to get the compression constant throughout the intake/shot
    2. Seemed to not help as our rollers are too low and dont give the ball off to the shooter well enough.
    3. We will get the rollers higher and test that
    4. We are also going to try and do a sideways shooter intake (rollers going on both sides instead of on the back
  2. The CAD team got some work done
    1. The sheetmetal shooter is almost there
      1. Still needs some tweaking of the mounting holes and geometry
    2. The Intake is pretty much done with the passive gear intake
      1. Need to make one copy, build and make sure it works well
    3. The hopper is done
      1. Needs a floor and some kind of agitator or ramps
      2. We will test this once the shooter is done
  3. The Electronics team finalized their layout for the final robot.
  4. Programming team kept working on Vision
    1. Grip is installed and axis camera set up
    2. Seems that the templates are not working for vision detection
    3. Will work to figure out if we can do an onboard computer like last year.
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