Day 28, Feb 3, 2017

We had a good friday!

  1. We started building the gearboxes for our practice robot.
    1. We just need to put the 3/8 hex and gears in
  2. The hanger team got the hanger pieces finished up
    1. The only thing left is to put the 2 2x1s at the correct distance apart and test again to make sure it still works in the new iteration
  3. Shooter V2 was cut today and we are going to put it together and test tomorrow
  4. CAD team worked on finalizing design
    1. We have to get parts cut monday so this weekend will be finalizing the parts
    2. We need to test shooter to make sure it will work so we can finalize it as well
    3. The hopper was placed on V2 of the robot as well as shooter and intake modified with mounting to the base plate
  5. Programming team tried getting autonomous to work but had issues with the navX
    1. For some reason there was an error (resource locked)
    2. Still trying to figure out why that happened
  6. And last but not least
    1. Drive sides were made for the practice robot
    2. We need to make 1 more set for the comp bot so we can send them to get anodized tuesday
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