Day 29, Feb 4, 2017

Long day.

  1. The CNCd shooter was put together (powered by a miniCIM
    1. It worked really well but since we were testing with a motor tester not PID it did not allow us to rapid fire
    2. The constant compression issue has been fixed with the CNC version
    3. Next step is to try and go back to the 775pro and see if that is better for the rate of fire
    4. [picture to come tomorrow]
  2. The hanging mechanism V2 is finally finished
    1. We will be hanging from it tomorrow to test
    2. This one is almost exaclty like the way it will be on the actual robot
    3. We have no worries that it will work but we want to mount it on the robot and see how the robot will react when it is lifted
  3. CAD team got a lot of work done today
    1. The sheetmetal intake and shooter were finished
      1. Still final touches need to be made like:
        1. Position of standoffs for stability
        2. Hopper mounting/attachment
        3. Other minor details
      2. Then we need to make DXFs of all of them for the plasma cutter
    2. The motors for the shooter and intake were added
  4. Hopper was made
    1. We cut the lexan for the hopper
    2. Now we need to bend it and get it ready to be mounted to the frame
  5. Gearboxes were made
    1. The  gearboxes are almost done
    2. The only thing left is to get the 3/8 shaft and put the 2 sides together.
    3. This and the Drivetrain for the practice robot can be put together starting Monday.
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