Day 31, Feb 6, 2017

I’m also going to include yesterday in this blog as we went to FRC 3847 to test autonomous and test our shooter.

  1. On Sunday we tested our autonomous
    1. We were able to use time and commands to have the robot drive forward a meter turn 130 degrees and then drive again for another meter.
    2. Now we just need to get them to work in sequence in our regular autonomous code
  2. We also tested our shooter with a MiniCIM and the new CNCd plates which give us the correct compressions
    1. It worked very well
    2. We are able to get about 2-3 balls per second by hand feeding the shooter. (not shown)
    3. Hoping to get a little more if we get the right grip from our shooter intake.
  3. Today we started a lot of the manufacturing of the parts for our practice robot as well as getting parts ready for anodization.
    1. We got the 3 of the side plates for the drivetrain done
    2. The other pieces for the drive base were also finished
    3. The hopper was bent to the right shape with the rest to be bent tomorrow
    4. We started polishing the parts to get them ready for anodizing.
  4. CAD team created drawings
    1. Drawings were created for all of our sheetmetal parts with dimensions
    2. This is done as our plasmacut holes are all 1/8 of an inch and we drill the holes inhouse as the plasma does not give you very precise holes.
    3. This will make it easier for the build team to put the things together
    4. They also colored the robot to match what we want it to look like when anodized
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