Day 32, Feb 7, 2017

Today was a kind of short/not extremely productive day but we got some really important things finished.

  1. We got the hanging mechanism tested and using the calculator it was meant to lift but it did not….
    1. This is with 2 bag motors at 63:1
    2. We will compare to the old one and see what is different and change it accordingly
  2. Parts were cut and polished to be ready to anodize
    1. We got the drivetrain sides, gearbox plates, and gearbox supports ready
    2. We do not have any of our sheet metal parts yet
    3. Tomorrow morning they will be dropped off
  3. Practice bot gearboxes were mounted to the supports but need to be rebuilt
    1. The spacing on the dog gears is incorrect so the shifter does not quite work right.
    2. This will be done tomorrow
  4. The plasma cutter was broken today so we are waiting for that to be fixed
    1. We are trying to find another option, possibly a waterjet so we can get the parts cut.
    2. We should have all of the parts ready by thursday and the last batch given to anodize thursday/friday.
  5. The rest of the week will hopefully be putting together the practice bot.
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