Day 33, Feb 8, 2017

We got our cut and bent parts today!

  1. The drivetrain structure was worked on for the practice robot
    1. We got the support for the bumpers and are working on the second side
    2. This will be done tomorrow
    3. We can then mount the gearboxes and electronics and drive around
  2. We got all of our final robot parts lasercut and bent on a CNC break
    1. We got a new awesome sponsor who was able to do that for us today!
      1. Thank you !!
      2. We are going to cut parts on the plasma tomorrow at Lincoln Electric
    2. Tomorrow we will start putting everything together for the practice bot
  3. We also tested the shooter with feeding it a lot of balls
    1. Some got stuck as our shooter is too wide
    2. It will be 2 wide and split with a divider so this will not happen
    3. Other than that the PID did a good job at keeping the speed at setpoint while we were shooting the balls
  4. Anodizing was dropped off yesterday
    1. Drivetrain parts are there
    2. The shooter and intake that were cut today will be dropped off tomorrow and we should have the parts back Friday afternoon to start putting together.

Less than 2 weeks left! Awtybots roll out!

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