Day 34, Feb 9, 2017

Today we got the plasma cut parts and started building the practice robot

  1. The belly pan was marked for electronics
    1. Short andersons are being made for PD board to Talon connection
    2. The placement of the electronics is set
      1. The rest of the wires will be cut/recrimped to get a neat electronics board
  2. The drivetrain base was finished
    1. The side rails were all attached to the drivetrain
    2. All of the parts for the drivetrain like the versablocks, spacers, wheels shafts, etc were organized and are ready to put on.
    3. Only thing left is to rivet the bellypan and put together the preorganized parts to the drive
  3. The shooter and intake we got a plasma verison too
    1. We made all of the bearing holes
    2. Bent them
    3. Created all of the shafts (with pulleys and spacers, etc)
    4. Tomorrow we need to cut standoffs and put it all together
  4. We dropped off our parts to anodize yesterday
    1. The first back should be back tomorrow (Drivetrain parts)
    2. We will start putting those together as soon as they come in
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