Day 35, Feb 10, 2017

Today we continued assembling the practice bot.

  1. The drivetain was assembled
    1. The bearing blocks and all of the spacing and sprockets are on
    2. Chain will come on tomorrow with the gearboxes
  2. The gear intake was bent ad assembled
    1. The intake may be lexan in the end but this is a sheetmetal version
    2. In front of the intake in the picture is the shooter plate that goes right below the shooter wheels
      1. It was cut and will be attached with the shooter tomorrow
  3. The Shooter and Intake were bend and assembled as well
    1. The standoffs for each were made and the structure assembled
    2. The shooter shafts are done and everything is ready to be mounted to the robot
    3. The intake structure was made but we dont have the pulleys
      1. We had some issues with our 3D printer but the last batch came out ok
      2. We are printing more pulleys and will get them installed and the intake up and running hopefully by the end of the weekend.
  4. The electronics started putting together the PD board
    1. Now we need to get the talon wires cut to the correct length and all get mounted onto the baseplate
  5. Tomorrow we are getting back our anodized parts and as soon as the practice robot is done we will start building the competition robot!
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