Day 36, Feb 11, 2017

Saturday meetings are the long ones!

  1. We got the drivetrain fully together.
    1. It is riveted and chained
    2. The gearboxes are attached
    3. Fully ready.
  2. The electronic wires were cut and attached for the practice bot to be neater.
    1. All of the wires are attached
      1. All we need is the main battery power and to secure them to the baseplate

  3. The Shooter was put together completely
    1. All of the motors attached and belted
    2. The backplate is still not attached.
    3. Other than that it’s pretty much ready

  4. The intake and gear intake were assembled
    1. Everything fits together
    2. The piston to move the flap to funnel gear vs balls was attached
    3. Had to drill a new hole for the piston.

  5. We also got our anodized parts today.
    1. We will start putting the comp bot together as soon as the practice one is done.
  6. Next week is break for our school so we are going to be meeting from 8 to 7 to get everything done.
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