Day 38, Feb 13, 2017

First day of the schools break. A lot was done in the 11 hours if work!

  1. The practice bot electronics were put on with velcro onto the baseplate.
    1. Now electronics team needs to add pneumatics and plug in all of the motors
    2. Starting tomorrow/Wednesday we will get the final robot electronics done as well.
  2. All subsystems (minus hanger which is just 2 motors) we’re put on the drive base.
    1.  The Shooter got a divider and the piston to control the hood.
    2. The intake got the motor chained as the pulleys did not work for some reason. (we will take a look at cad and find out why.
    3. We even weighed in,  at 102 with a battety
  3. The bottom part of the hopper was made in pieces to test the full functionality in the next couple of days.

    2. Next step is to put on the sides and make sure we are in dimensions and the balls roll into the Shooter.
  4. We organized and got ready all of the parts for the competition robot and greased the gearbox gears.

    2. Now to get the Shooter parts into a separate box and then start putting together the anodized versions.
  5. The practice robot should be ready to give to the programmers by Wednesday.
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