Day 39, Feb 14, 2017

Long and productive day!

  1. Practice robot was semifinished today.
    1. The motors were all plugged in
    2. The hopper (bottom part) was put in and the dividers were attached
    3. We should be able to intake balls and get them to the hopper and the shooter.
    4. Tomorrow the programming team will be there and will load code, and test the practice robot.
  2. The anodized parts were brought in today as enough progress was made on the competition robot
    1. Bearing holes were made in the shooter plates and intake plates
    2. Gearboxes were assembled
    3. All of the parts for the intake and shooter were prepared in separate boxes and ready to be assembled when the pulleys print
  3. The base drivetrain was put together
    1. The drivetrain including the supports for the bumper rails was put together and all riveted
    2. The gearboxes were put on and one side chained
  4. Competition robot electronics were made
    1. Everything was cut to the correct length
      1. Talons, CAN, PDP, PCM, VRM
      2. The Talons were labeled
    2. Pneumatic solenoid placement was discussed as well as the placement of the compressor
    3. The Pneumatics board (to regulate and view all the pressures) was created and will be put on the right side of the intake at the very front of the robot.
      1. This will make it very visible
  5. Tomorrow we will finish putting together what we can without the pulleys for the intake/shooter intake
    1. We can get the electronics and pneumatics all wired up and ready to go
    2. After that the only thing that will go on later is the shooter
      1. We have to be careful as the shooter plates act as the hanging/gearbox interface so each shooter side plate needs to go in separately and the shooter put together on the robot.
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