Day 40, Feb 15, 2017

Not a lot was done today on the robot.

  1. The practice bot came to life
    1. Had to install java to the roborio again
    2. The drivetrain was tested
    3. The shooter and intake were tested
      1. Shooter hood was not working as intended
      2. Had to cut it and it became better
  2. The competition robot drivetrain was finished being chained
    1. Both sides are chained now
    2. The gearboxes were also chained on each side
  3. Other competition robot subassemblies were worked on
    1. The intake started to be put together
    2. The gear intake was riveted together
    3. Shooter standoffs were put together
    4. The shooter divider and backplate were bent yesterday
  4. We cut some parts on the CNC and made some on the 3D printer
    1. We are going to attach the SRX mag encoders to each side to be able to get distance traveled
    2. This will complement the NavX and let us get our position on the field and allign/drive in autonomous.
    3. This is the autonomous we originally had in mind and we can only do it with encoders and a NavX
    4. We finally got our filament for the 3D printer and were able to print 4 more pulleys
      1. 4 more are printing right now and will hopefully be ready in the morning so we can put the shooter together with the pulleys
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