Day 41, Feb 16, 2017

T-5 days until the end of build season!

  1. The practice robot was tested
    1. Intake was tested and seemed to work ok except for the front metal roller
    2. We have a couple of rollers coming in from McMaster that we are going to use instead
      1. They are rubber and are more compliant as well as grippy.
    3. The Shooter seems to work well when we have the correct compression on the hood
      1. This needs to be finalized on the competition robot
      2. The piston that is on the shooter is responsible for the forward hood position for the far shot
      3. We need a good hard stop on the other side to make sure the shots are consistent.
    4. Hanger is the only thing we don’t have yet but even if we dont get it tested before bag we have the practice robot on which we can experiment.
  2. Competition robot is a little further along
    1. We are still waiting for some of our 3d printed pulleys to print as we just got the filament yesterday.
    2. We were able to get 8 printed overnight and have assembled the shooter
      1. The only thing that is not on yet is the hood and that is because we are testing to see where the correct compression needs to be in order for it to function properly
    3. The intake is assembled and the gear flap put in
      1. It is a little tight right now (between the flap and the sides) so we may have to space it out a little even if that means making the front of the intake about 1/8 wider than the back.
      2. The shafts with everything are ready as well as the polycord
      3. Also got a rubber tube from McMaster for our front intake roller:
      4. Waiting on the pulleys to be printed so we can install them and the shafts and finally get both of the major subsystems onto the robot.
    4. The gear intake got some modifications
      1. In order to get the gear centered we needed to add lexan plates on the inside
      2. We have done this and tested it to make sure it actually centers the gear and it does.
    5. Shafts for the encoders were done on the practice and competition robot
      1. The shaft was drilled to fit the magnet
      2. Tapped on the other side for a 1/4-20 and a washer to keep everything in place
      3. The standoffs and plates for encoder need to be added once we get the right screws to attach the encoder to the plate.


  3. We should be getting a package from McMaster tomorrow and have more pulleys printed by tomorrow so we can put everything together before the end of the weekend.
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