Day 42, Feb 17, 2017

T-4 days to go!

  1. Practice bot was tested today for shooting
    1. The hood (with a back hard stop seemed to work well)
    2. Now we need to test it with air in the system and with the hood forward for the far shot
    3. Both of the pistons are there but we realized we have no fittings… so we are waiting for them to come in tomorrow hopefully to test the far shot
  2. The competition robot looks like a robot now!
  3. The Shooter was finished and attached to the drivetrain
    1. Grip tape was added to the lexan front plate to increase traction with the ball (works fantastic)
    2. The wheel son the practice robot (if you noticed in the picture above) are colsons not the Andymark wheels that we had on before.
      1. After doing some math one colson weights approximately the sane as 2 andymark wheels and those wear extremely fast so we decided to try the colsons on the practice bot and if that works well we will put those on the comp bot
  4. The Electronics were placed on the baseplate and need to be velcroed down
    1. We currently have industrial strength velcro (the black stuff from home depot)
    2. Thinking about using the Scotch extreme stuff
    3. We will see what we like more but last year we used the clear ones and it worked really well
  5. The Intake was fully assembled
    1. Pulleys printed overnight for the polycord and the mcmaster order came in so we were able to fully assemble the intake
    2. The front roller is now a 1.5 inch rubber tube that we put on a hex shaft
    3. The polycord was cut to be tight on the pulleys and grip tape added to the back/gear intake in order to increase the traction of the intake
  6. The encoder plates that we cut on our CNC were outfitted with encoders for the competition robot
    1. The encoders are mounted and connected with a cable
    2. The challenge now is to drill holes in the drivetrain and make them straight for the encoder mount standoffs.
      1. For this to be easier we cut out a template and will use a needle to mark the radius from the center and then figure out where the standoffs need to go to make it centered on the drivetrain shaft
      2. The center hole is for the bearing that sticks out of the versablocks so that we can use that as the centerer
  7. The lab was cleaned and reorganized a little as there is no room to move around anymore
    1. The harbor freight organizer was moved next to the tablesaw to save some walking space
    2. Material behind the tools was organized to get tools closer to the wall
    3. The tables that had robot remains on them have been cleared out and are now ready for people to work on them
    4. We have a lot more room to move around now.
    5. MOST IMPORTANT: We found our second punch! Behind the tools in the junk.
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