Day 43, Feb 18, 2017

Both robots are mostly done mechanically and electrically.

  1. The Practice robot now has shooter and drivetrain encoders all on there and green
    1. For the SRX encoders that means that the accuracy is at its optimum
      1. The drivetrain  was tested and we were able to get the encoder and NavX to work together
      2. Currently working on integrating the two further to do arc driving from point a to point b for autonomous
  2. The intake roller was changed to the rubber piece as the metal one has no grip on the practice robot to match the competition robot.
    1. This works a lot better as the roller actually turns now
  3. The Competition robot Intake was finished
    1. Pistons are on and spaced properly
    2. Polycord tightened and the gear intake put in
    3. Next step is to finalize mounting the electronics and pneumatics and test the systems
  4. The hopper bottom for the competition robot was marked and will be cut tomorrow
    1. We also need to cut standoffs for it to go off of the baseplate so that the balls roll into the shooter intake.
    2. And it needs to stay above the electronics
  5. Competition robot has encoders for drivetrain installed as well.
    1. All green and plugged in and wires routed
    2. First time for drivetrain encoders! Should be nice for autonomous!
  6. We are also 3D printing some spacers
    1. We have some special spacers on the intake hood that we are printing so we can attach that monday.
  7. Most of the stuff on the list is done!
    1. We just need our solenoids to come in so we can put them on the competition robot
    2. Here is the board of things (oh yea polycord needs to be switched to the outside of the shooter
      1. We have shafts and will do that tomorrow at our awesome friends Spectrums place
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