Day 44, Feb 19, 2017

Thanks to FRC 3847 Spectrum for letting us work in their lab all day as we are not allowed to work at our school.

Today we finalized main structures on the competition robot and got some things fixed on the practice one.

  1. The intake was finally attached onto the competition robot
    1. The holes for riveting it on were lined up by getting a spacer out of the front shaft.
    2. Velcro was added between the passive gear intake and the top standoff so that it will stay forward after the initial fold out
    3. Pistons attached on both sides of the flap
    4. Some riveted and we will get the rest in tomorrow at our lab
  2. The Electronics were finished
    1. One more Talon (9) added to the mix
    2. The Compressor and pressure switch wired
    3. Radio wired and wires routed
    4. Encoders all plugged into the talons and motor wires out of the way of the chain
  3. The hopper half was cut
    1. This will be the right side of the hopper and we will have a mirror image on the other side.
    2. The mirror will be attached to this one via binder clips on the vertical portion for easy accessibility.
  4. The shooter was fixed
    1. We needed to move the figure 8 polycord to the outside as it got in the way of the ball on the way up
    2. This was done by getting 2 longer shafts and we will now put the polycord back.
  5. Programming got a lot of work done today
    1. We did some math now that we have encoders to be able to do straight as well as curvature driving
    2. Basically we want to be able to put an x,y, theta components and the robot take an arc to that point
    3. We can also account for the speed difference as we know our wheelbase and where the center is with respect to that.
    4. This is what we got to today. This is without the speed control of each side (just putting 1 side as 1.5 times the speed of the other)
    5. More testing to be done tomorrow
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