Bag Day!

Today was bag day!

We had several things to finish, and we got most of it done.

  1. The electronics system is done
    1. Talons that were not working were switched out
    2. Solenoids were wired for the shifting gearboxes, the hood and the gear intake flap
  2. The pneumatics were routed
    1. Pneumatic tubing cut for shifting and gear flap
    2. The shooter hood pneumatic was not put on.
    3. The only thing left to route is the hanger pistons and the shooter hood
    4. We got kicked out of our lab before we were able to finish that.
  3. Hopper is done
    1. Shaft connects the two sides so that they stay in dimensions and are more rigid
    2. The bottom also includes the shooter ramp is attached
    3. The sides are black translucent and we will add a LED indicator of fullness when we get to our first regional
  4. The intake hood is fixed.
    1. We had to bend it out to have it let go of the balls less agressively
    2. Now it gets the balls into the hopper not over the shooter
    3. The lexan plate we added at the bottom yesterday helped with the dead spot on the bottom of the intake
  5. We have now bagged BumbleBee!
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