Day 45, Feb 20, 2017

Tomorrow is the last day!

We were able to get all of the major things put on the competition robot today

  1. The intake is on
    1. The ramp or piece of lexan to get rid of the dead spot is in at the bottom
    2. The intake hood is going to be cut tomorrow
  2. The Shooter if fully in and polycord is ready
    1. The hanger has been added
    2. We have also added 2 lexan plates to contact the hanging mechanism with counter weights so that they always stay perpendicular to the ground
    3. Bag motors added as part of the hanging mechanism
      1. We are thinking of starting off the ground with the bags and then when the wheels are off use the drivetrain power
  3. The Battery mount was made
    1. We added some Ls to the inside to make sure the battery does not slide around
    2. We will be getting a strap tomorrow and putting it on.
  4. The router and roborio were fixed and are now all 5829
    1. We had some issues with the Talons though
    2. 2 of the talons would blink in and out like they were enabled one second and disabled the next. Seemed like they were not showing up in the rio dashboard either.
    3. Tomorrow we need to figure it out.
  5. We were also able to bend some parts at our friends place
    1. We bend the competition robot bottom hopper parts out of clear lexan
    2. We also bend the sides out of black lexan.
  6. Things left to do:
    1. put 1/4-20 screws with washers on the end of the driveshafts
    2. Battery strap needs to be added
    3. Wire and attach the solenoids
    4. Ramp for shooter attached to the hopper bottom and the hopper bottom attached with standoffs
    5. The hopper sides need to be attached
    6. We need to extend the battery cable so that our on off switch can be easily accessed
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