Bag Day!

Today was bag day!

We had several things to finish, and we got most of it done.

  1. The electronics system is done
    1. Talons that were not working were switched out
    2. Solenoids were wired for the shifting gearboxes, the hood and the gear intake flap
  2. The pneumatics were routed
    1. Pneumatic tubing cut for shifting and gear flap
    2. The shooter hood pneumatic was not put on.
    3. The only thing left to route is the hanger pistons and the shooter hood
    4. We got kicked out of our lab before we were able to finish that.
  3. Hopper is done
    1. Shaft connects the two sides so that they stay in dimensions and are more rigid
    2. The bottom also includes the shooter ramp is attached
    3. The sides are black translucent and we will add a LED indicator of fullness when we get to our first regional
  4. The intake hood is fixed.
    1. We had to bend it out to have it let go of the balls less agressively
    2. Now it gets the balls into the hopper not over the shooter
    3. The lexan plate we added at the bottom yesterday helped with the dead spot on the bottom of the intake
  5. We have now bagged BumbleBee!

Day 45, Feb 20, 2017

Tomorrow is the last day!

We were able to get all of the major things put on the competition robot today

  1. The intake is on
    1. The ramp or piece of lexan to get rid of the dead spot is in at the bottom
    2. The intake hood is going to be cut tomorrow
  2. The Shooter if fully in and polycord is ready
    1. The hanger has been added
    2. We have also added 2 lexan plates to contact the hanging mechanism with counter weights so that they always stay perpendicular to the ground
    3. Bag motors added as part of the hanging mechanism
      1. We are thinking of starting off the ground with the bags and then when the wheels are off use the drivetrain power
  3. The Battery mount was made
    1. We added some Ls to the inside to make sure the battery does not slide around
    2. We will be getting a strap tomorrow and putting it on.
  4. The router and roborio were fixed and are now all 5829
    1. We had some issues with the Talons though
    2. 2 of the talons would blink in and out like they were enabled one second and disabled the next. Seemed like they were not showing up in the rio dashboard either.
    3. Tomorrow we need to figure it out.
  5. We were also able to bend some parts at our friends place
    1. We bend the competition robot bottom hopper parts out of clear lexan
    2. We also bend the sides out of black lexan.
  6. Things left to do:
    1. put 1/4-20 screws with washers on the end of the driveshafts
    2. Battery strap needs to be added
    3. Wire and attach the solenoids
    4. Ramp for shooter attached to the hopper bottom and the hopper bottom attached with standoffs
    5. The hopper sides need to be attached
    6. We need to extend the battery cable so that our on off switch can be easily accessed

Day 44, Feb 19, 2017

Thanks to FRC 3847 Spectrum for letting us work in their lab all day as we are not allowed to work at our school.

Today we finalized main structures on the competition robot and got some things fixed on the practice one.

  1. The intake was finally attached onto the competition robot
    1. The holes for riveting it on were lined up by getting a spacer out of the front shaft.
    2. Velcro was added between the passive gear intake and the top standoff so that it will stay forward after the initial fold out
    3. Pistons attached on both sides of the flap
    4. Some riveted and we will get the rest in tomorrow at our lab
  2. The Electronics were finished
    1. One more Talon (9) added to the mix
    2. The Compressor and pressure switch wired
    3. Radio wired and wires routed
    4. Encoders all plugged into the talons and motor wires out of the way of the chain
  3. The hopper half was cut
    1. This will be the right side of the hopper and we will have a mirror image on the other side.
    2. The mirror will be attached to this one via binder clips on the vertical portion for easy accessibility.
  4. The shooter was fixed
    1. We needed to move the figure 8 polycord to the outside as it got in the way of the ball on the way up
    2. This was done by getting 2 longer shafts and we will now put the polycord back.
  5. Programming got a lot of work done today
    1. We did some math now that we have encoders to be able to do straight as well as curvature driving
    2. Basically we want to be able to put an x,y, theta components and the robot take an arc to that point
    3. We can also account for the speed difference as we know our wheelbase and where the center is with respect to that.
    4. This is what we got to today. This is without the speed control of each side (just putting 1 side as 1.5 times the speed of the other)
    5. More testing to be done tomorrow

Day 43, Feb 18, 2017

Both robots are mostly done mechanically and electrically.

  1. The Practice robot now has shooter and drivetrain encoders all on there and green
    1. For the SRX encoders that means that the accuracy is at its optimum
      1. The drivetrain  was tested and we were able to get the encoder and NavX to work together
      2. Currently working on integrating the two further to do arc driving from point a to point b for autonomous
  2. The intake roller was changed to the rubber piece as the metal one has no grip on the practice robot to match the competition robot.
    1. This works a lot better as the roller actually turns now
  3. The Competition robot Intake was finished
    1. Pistons are on and spaced properly
    2. Polycord tightened and the gear intake put in
    3. Next step is to finalize mounting the electronics and pneumatics and test the systems
  4. The hopper bottom for the competition robot was marked and will be cut tomorrow
    1. We also need to cut standoffs for it to go off of the baseplate so that the balls roll into the shooter intake.
    2. And it needs to stay above the electronics
  5. Competition robot has encoders for drivetrain installed as well.
    1. All green and plugged in and wires routed
    2. First time for drivetrain encoders! Should be nice for autonomous!
  6. We are also 3D printing some spacers
    1. We have some special spacers on the intake hood that we are printing so we can attach that monday.
  7. Most of the stuff on the list is done!
    1. We just need our solenoids to come in so we can put them on the competition robot
    2. Here is the board of things (oh yea polycord needs to be switched to the outside of the shooter
      1. We have shafts and will do that tomorrow at our awesome friends Spectrums place

Day 42, Feb 17, 2017

T-4 days to go!

  1. Practice bot was tested today for shooting
    1. The hood (with a back hard stop seemed to work well)
    2. Now we need to test it with air in the system and with the hood forward for the far shot
    3. Both of the pistons are there but we realized we have no fittings… so we are waiting for them to come in tomorrow hopefully to test the far shot
  2. The competition robot looks like a robot now!
  3. The Shooter was finished and attached to the drivetrain
    1. Grip tape was added to the lexan front plate to increase traction with the ball (works fantastic)
    2. The wheel son the practice robot (if you noticed in the picture above) are colsons not the Andymark wheels that we had on before.
      1. After doing some math one colson weights approximately the sane as 2 andymark wheels and those wear extremely fast so we decided to try the colsons on the practice bot and if that works well we will put those on the comp bot
  4. The Electronics were placed on the baseplate and need to be velcroed down
    1. We currently have industrial strength velcro (the black stuff from home depot)
    2. Thinking about using the Scotch extreme stuff
    3. We will see what we like more but last year we used the clear ones and it worked really well
  5. The Intake was fully assembled
    1. Pulleys printed overnight for the polycord and the mcmaster order came in so we were able to fully assemble the intake
    2. The front roller is now a 1.5 inch rubber tube that we put on a hex shaft
    3. The polycord was cut to be tight on the pulleys and grip tape added to the back/gear intake in order to increase the traction of the intake
  6. The encoder plates that we cut on our CNC were outfitted with encoders for the competition robot
    1. The encoders are mounted and connected with a cable
    2. The challenge now is to drill holes in the drivetrain and make them straight for the encoder mount standoffs.
      1. For this to be easier we cut out a template and will use a needle to mark the radius from the center and then figure out where the standoffs need to go to make it centered on the drivetrain shaft
      2. The center hole is for the bearing that sticks out of the versablocks so that we can use that as the centerer
  7. The lab was cleaned and reorganized a little as there is no room to move around anymore
    1. The harbor freight organizer was moved next to the tablesaw to save some walking space
    2. Material behind the tools was organized to get tools closer to the wall
    3. The tables that had robot remains on them have been cleared out and are now ready for people to work on them
    4. We have a lot more room to move around now.
    5. MOST IMPORTANT: We found our second punch! Behind the tools in the junk.

Day 41, Feb 16, 2017

T-5 days until the end of build season!

  1. The practice robot was tested
    1. Intake was tested and seemed to work ok except for the front metal roller
    2. We have a couple of rollers coming in from McMaster that we are going to use instead
      1. They are rubber and are more compliant as well as grippy.
    3. The Shooter seems to work well when we have the correct compression on the hood
      1. This needs to be finalized on the competition robot
      2. The piston that is on the shooter is responsible for the forward hood position for the far shot
      3. We need a good hard stop on the other side to make sure the shots are consistent.
    4. Hanger is the only thing we don’t have yet but even if we dont get it tested before bag we have the practice robot on which we can experiment.
  2. Competition robot is a little further along
    1. We are still waiting for some of our 3d printed pulleys to print as we just got the filament yesterday.
    2. We were able to get 8 printed overnight and have assembled the shooter
      1. The only thing that is not on yet is the hood and that is because we are testing to see where the correct compression needs to be in order for it to function properly
    3. The intake is assembled and the gear flap put in
      1. It is a little tight right now (between the flap and the sides) so we may have to space it out a little even if that means making the front of the intake about 1/8 wider than the back.
      2. The shafts with everything are ready as well as the polycord
      3. Also got a rubber tube from McMaster for our front intake roller:
      4. Waiting on the pulleys to be printed so we can install them and the shafts and finally get both of the major subsystems onto the robot.
    4. The gear intake got some modifications
      1. In order to get the gear centered we needed to add lexan plates on the inside
      2. We have done this and tested it to make sure it actually centers the gear and it does.
    5. Shafts for the encoders were done on the practice and competition robot
      1. The shaft was drilled to fit the magnet
      2. Tapped on the other side for a 1/4-20 and a washer to keep everything in place
      3. The standoffs and plates for encoder need to be added once we get the right screws to attach the encoder to the plate.


  3. We should be getting a package from McMaster tomorrow and have more pulleys printed by tomorrow so we can put everything together before the end of the weekend.

Day 40, Feb 15, 2017

Not a lot was done today on the robot.

  1. The practice bot came to life
    1. Had to install java to the roborio again
    2. The drivetrain was tested
    3. The shooter and intake were tested
      1. Shooter hood was not working as intended
      2. Had to cut it and it became better
  2. The competition robot drivetrain was finished being chained
    1. Both sides are chained now
    2. The gearboxes were also chained on each side
  3. Other competition robot subassemblies were worked on
    1. The intake started to be put together
    2. The gear intake was riveted together
    3. Shooter standoffs were put together
    4. The shooter divider and backplate were bent yesterday
  4. We cut some parts on the CNC and made some on the 3D printer
    1. We are going to attach the SRX mag encoders to each side to be able to get distance traveled
    2. This will complement the NavX and let us get our position on the field and allign/drive in autonomous.
    3. This is the autonomous we originally had in mind and we can only do it with encoders and a NavX
    4. We finally got our filament for the 3D printer and were able to print 4 more pulleys
      1. 4 more are printing right now and will hopefully be ready in the morning so we can put the shooter together with the pulleys

Day 39, Feb 14, 2017

Long and productive day!

  1. Practice robot was semifinished today.
    1. The motors were all plugged in
    2. The hopper (bottom part) was put in and the dividers were attached
    3. We should be able to intake balls and get them to the hopper and the shooter.
    4. Tomorrow the programming team will be there and will load code, and test the practice robot.
  2. The anodized parts were brought in today as enough progress was made on the competition robot
    1. Bearing holes were made in the shooter plates and intake plates
    2. Gearboxes were assembled
    3. All of the parts for the intake and shooter were prepared in separate boxes and ready to be assembled when the pulleys print
  3. The base drivetrain was put together
    1. The drivetrain including the supports for the bumper rails was put together and all riveted
    2. The gearboxes were put on and one side chained
  4. Competition robot electronics were made
    1. Everything was cut to the correct length
      1. Talons, CAN, PDP, PCM, VRM
      2. The Talons were labeled
    2. Pneumatic solenoid placement was discussed as well as the placement of the compressor
    3. The Pneumatics board (to regulate and view all the pressures) was created and will be put on the right side of the intake at the very front of the robot.
      1. This will make it very visible
  5. Tomorrow we will finish putting together what we can without the pulleys for the intake/shooter intake
    1. We can get the electronics and pneumatics all wired up and ready to go
    2. After that the only thing that will go on later is the shooter
      1. We have to be careful as the shooter plates act as the hanging/gearbox interface so each shooter side plate needs to go in separately and the shooter put together on the robot.

Day 38, Feb 13, 2017

First day of the schools break. A lot was done in the 11 hours if work!

  1. The practice bot electronics were put on with velcro onto the baseplate.
    1. Now electronics team needs to add pneumatics and plug in all of the motors
    2. Starting tomorrow/Wednesday we will get the final robot electronics done as well.
  2. All subsystems (minus hanger which is just 2 motors) we’re put on the drive base.
    1.  The Shooter got a divider and the piston to control the hood.
    2. The intake got the motor chained as the pulleys did not work for some reason. (we will take a look at cad and find out why.
    3. We even weighed in,  at 102 with a battety
  3. The bottom part of the hopper was made in pieces to test the full functionality in the next couple of days.

    2. Next step is to put on the sides and make sure we are in dimensions and the balls roll into the Shooter.
  4. We organized and got ready all of the parts for the competition robot and greased the gearbox gears.

    2. Now to get the Shooter parts into a separate box and then start putting together the anodized versions.
  5. The practice robot should be ready to give to the programmers by Wednesday.

Day 36, Feb 11, 2017

Saturday meetings are the long ones!

  1. We got the drivetrain fully together.
    1. It is riveted and chained
    2. The gearboxes are attached
    3. Fully ready.
  2. The electronic wires were cut and attached for the practice bot to be neater.
    1. All of the wires are attached
      1. All we need is the main battery power and to secure them to the baseplate

  3. The Shooter was put together completely
    1. All of the motors attached and belted
    2. The backplate is still not attached.
    3. Other than that it’s pretty much ready

  4. The intake and gear intake were assembled
    1. Everything fits together
    2. The piston to move the flap to funnel gear vs balls was attached
    3. Had to drill a new hole for the piston.

  5. We also got our anodized parts today.
    1. We will start putting the comp bot together as soon as the practice one is done.
  6. Next week is break for our school so we are going to be meeting from 8 to 7 to get everything done.