Day 13. Jan 21, 2016

Many useful things were done today:

The prototype shooter was recreated in a nice and neat manner so we can test different things. A lot was done here.


This adjustable shooter prototyping helped us tune this to the right speed (by changing the sprockets on the top) and the right compression (there are many holes to change the wheel distance). Taken from 2848 this helped us get our perfect shooter design (speed/compression):

Here is the shooter in action:
First the shooter had a 12 to 26 sprocket ratio to give us a much higher speed about 10700RPM:

Because this did not go far enough there are 2 things we needed to change. The speed and the compression so we went to a slower speed (to get less slip???):

Now to get it even better we increased the compression by about an inch. Here is the final result:

I am now wondering whether we should go back to the faster speed with this compression and see what that does….

The 8 wheel drive train is continuing to be CADded:


Currently we just took 1114’s gearbox from 2014 beacuse its low profile. It is a little wider than the other gearbox we are thinking of using (the WCP 3 cim shifter). We are going to put it all together with both in CAD and see which one we like more. Also to keep in mind this one has a 5ft per second and 12 ft per second. The WCP 3 cim has a 9 and 15 so it is faster than this one.

Test Bench/West Coast 6 wheel Drive train

The drivetrain (west coast with chain inside the tube) was finally finished (we made a belly pan to hold the electronics, wired the electronics, and added a battery tray) and driving:


We put a little ramp on the front to help go over the rockwall. This drive train is going to be our test bed for everything else. WE will put the shooter on here and the intake and all other components while we are CADding the other drive and while it is being cut. Here it is in action:

The collector has kind of been forgotten but we are going to start CADding it and the shooter tomorrow and saturday.

Day 11. Jan 19, 2016

  • We increased the rpms on the single flywheel prototype, achieving mediocre distance and reliability. We do not prefer this design due to excessive backspin, as well as the precision machining and low tolerances required to manufacture a consistent launcher.
  • We quickly built a double-wheel prototype launcher today, which performed better than our single-wheeled launcher.
  • On the way to making this drive base complete:



Day 8. Jan 16, 2016

  • We continued prototyping today.
  • The launcher team made a flywheel shooter. They experimented with different wheels and speeds
  • The intake/defense team began prototyping an integrated ramp-intake.
  • The drivetrain team has created a base drivetrain except for the versablocks and chain and etc to get it running.
  • For now it is a 6 pneumatic wheels drivetrain with 2 cims (and ability to put one more) on each side

Day 7. Jan 15, 2016

  • We continued building field elements. The portcullis, moat, ramparts, rock wall, low bar, and platforms are all completed. We are still working on the cheval de frise, rough terrain, sally port, drawbridge, and tower.
  • The rolling chassis for the prototype drive base is fully built, however it is not yet powered.
  • Work has begun on a wooden intake prototype. Hopefully, the intake will be able to intake from the sides and front, as well as defeat several defenses.

Day 6. Jan 14, 2016

  • The shooter team continued tweaking and strengthening the prototype flywheel
  • The drive team is finishing up the drive and should be ready in 1-2 days
  • Starting to think about how it goes together and will start CAD once prototypes are finished
  • Ordred some pneumatic wheels per Allen’s suggestion. Mountain board tires are awesome apparently
  • Had a relatively low turnout so did not get as much done as expected