Day 1. Jan 7, 2017

Kickoff Day!

We went to Katy STEAM Center for kickoff and to pick up our kit of parts.


After coming back we started to go through the rulebook and making sure that all of the students know what the game entails.

We also started to brainstorm ideas for the different subsystems of the robot:

  • Drivetrain
  • Shooter
  • Intake
  • Gear collector/mechanism
  • Hanging mechanism

The team was divided into 2 and each group came up with their priorities for the robot:

We then went through the priorities together as a team to finalize and combine our list. The students also put their names under what group they want to be part of:

Day 44. Feb 21, 2016

Very big day today! The Awtybots went to Katy ISD STEM Lab to have a full practice field to test both of our robots. Thank you to FRC Team 624 – CRyptonite for letting us use their field.

Many things to fix like loose electronics and loose bearings.












We went out to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner too!



Day 43. Feb 20, 2016

Today we finished labeling the motors and we correctly defined the talons in the code


We also tested the competition robot a lot while having other teams over at our lab


And we shot scenes for both our reveal video and Chairman’s video.


Day 42. Feb 19, 2016

Objectives for the day: Install the electronics on the final robot, set up the pneumatic system on the practice robot, and code code code.

What we did today:

I. We labeled our talons to match the PD board numbers. We also wired everything up , but we still need to work on the wench system and have the motors connected. Otherwise all the electronics are properly Velcro-ed to the final robot.


II. The pneumatic system on the practice robot is on its way to being assembled…


III. The code for the shooter is running properly and it seems to be very consistent.

Day 41. Feb 18, 2016

A lot of work was done on:

  1. Final robot intake (some parts were remade and the bracing is a lot better now)
  2. Drivetrain (all of the chain and wheels and sprockets are ready to put on, bearings are in the drive)
  3. Electronics (all of the electronics were neatly done and look/work amazing for now!)


The electronics are all done and are neat with Weidmuller connectors and andersons on everything. This helps with cleanliness of the wires.

Now just to put it on the final robot and organize/ziptie wires.


We did also get our aluminum wheels but most likely will not have time or weight (they are 2 times heavier) to use them. But hey fun offseason project to anodize them and put them on the robot!



Day 40. Feb 17, 2016

Final robot starting to come together. For some reason no pictures of the final robot being assembled… Will have to fix that but in the meantime here is out todo list for the next couple days. (this does not include programming, they have a lot of work)


Day 39. Feb 16, 2016

We finally got all of the tape measures and motors on the practice robot. These will be used to deposit a hook that we will use to winch ourselves up onto the bar.


We also got our anodized parts and put them together without any fasteners to see how it all will fit. We found out we are about 1/4 inch over our perimeter dimension. The reason is that some of the bends stick out more than others (yay doing everything by hand!). So we just got a dremel and had to dremel the sides off a little to get back in the 120 inch perimeter.




Day 36. Feb 13, 2016

Today, the lab was brimming with activity!

Team 5070 Gearnotics and team 2585 Impact visited Awty’s robotics lab to share field elements, attend a programming workshop, and just to hang out with the Awtybots.

We exchanged ideas, learned programming, and generally had a great time together.



We finished assembling the practice drivetrain today.

We are finished with the practice robot’s intake, however we plan to reinforce the mounts for the intake minicims, and some tweaking is still required, for example the intake’s gearing, and finding the optimal angle for the shooter. These refinements can be achieved once the entire robot is in full working order.